Abby Hendrix Memorial Scholarship The Abby Hendrix Memorial Scholarship awards financially based upon need to support a Bulloch Academy 2nd -5th grade student currently enrolled in the school. “On January 18, 2017, a big piece of our class was taken from us entirely too soon,” said Bryan Boykin, senior class treasurer, “Abby Layne Hendrix could light up the world with her smile and love for others. On that Wednesday we all lost a playground playmate, a dance partner, and a forever friend.” In honor of their friend, the Bulloch Academy Class of 2019’s “senior gift” was the establishment of the Abby Hendrix Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship will supply a student with $1,000. “We hope that the following senior classes will continue to contribute to this scholarship and make this an ongoing Memorial for our sweet friend,” said Boykin. Selection Criteria: – Complete application and letter of financial need by May 3, 2021 – Must be a current student at BA entering grades 2-5 for the upcoming school year. – Student should currently be in good standing (not on academic or behavioral probation). Scholarship Management: – $1,000 will be awarded to one recipient as well as one year of gymnastics lessons at Coman Gymnastics Academy where Abby was a beloved member. – Applicants are reviewed and selected by a Scholarship Committee based on financial need. 2021-22 Abby Hendrix Memorial Scholarship Application  

  Georgia GOAL Scholarship  The Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program is a state-approved student scholarship organization (SSO) and uses tax-credit contributions to fund partial scholarships for public-school students who desire to attend private schools or for students entering kindergarten. The partial scholarships, which do not exceed 50 percent of a student’s total tuition at Bulloch Academy, are based on family income, household size, demonstrated need and are also available to students who are eligible to enter kindergarten. The program helps the school grow by bringing in new students and families, new resources and also helps stabilize tuition and other fees for existing families. What students are eligible under the law to receive financial assistance from the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program? As the 2008 legislation (House Bill 1133) indicates, eligible students include those who are “Georgia residents enrolled in a Georgia secondary or primary public school or eligible to enroll in a qualified kindergarten or pre-kindergarten program.” At Bulloch Academy, only students entering kindergarten through the ninth grade (first semester) are eligible for the GOAL Scholarship Program. For more information, please contact Morgan Conner at [email protected] or 912-764-0707. The application deadline is May 3, 2021 Please read the application CAREFULLY before submitting as there have been some changes made. 2021-22 GOAL Scholarship Application How can you help?? GOAL FAQ’s  

  Shelby Rogers Scholarship The Shelby Rogers Scholarship awards financially based upon need to support Bulloch Academy high school students currently enrolled in the school. Mrs. Rogers was Headmaster at Bulloch Academy in the 1980’s and early 1990’s. She values private school education and desires to assist with the tuition of current students to further their education goals. Selection Criteria: – Write an essay response to the following question: What impact has Bulloch Academy had on my life? How will this scholarship help me to succeed as a student at Bulloch Academy and in the future? – Complete application and essay by May 3, 2021. – Must be a current student at BA entering grades 9-12 for the upcoming school year. – Student should currently be in good standing (not on academic or behavioral probation). – Provide the Business Office with the first two pages of parents’ tax forms (1040 or equivalent) to show financial need based upon family size and current U.S. need based guidelines. Scholarship Management: – $5,000 per year will be awarded to select student(s). – Three applicants will be selected by the financial aid committee and sent to the Rogers family for input on awarding the scholarship. – Students must be a current BA Student and planning to continue his/her education at BA throughout his/her high school career. 2021-22 Shelby Rogers Scholarship Application