Lower School

Bulloch Academy begins its educational opportunities for students as early as age four.Our lower school includes the K-4 pre-kindergarten program, which is funded by the Georgia Lottery. The school begins its own commitment to students with its five-year-old kindergarten program and both grades are housed in a separate kindergarten wing, which is attached to the lower school.

The curriculum for these is dictated by the developmental progress of young children in such areas as language, mathematics, creative expression, and self-help. Developing positive attitudes to family, home, school and friends, learning appropriate skills and knowledge are also priority objectives.

In grades one through five, which are housed in the lower-school building and mobile units, the traditional disciplines of language arts, mathematics, social studies and science plus STEM, computer technology, physical education, Spanish, art and music are covered thoroughly in a small classroom setting where each child can receive that all-important individual attention.

Curriculum highlights include the Reading Wonders series, hands-on Inspire Science and McGraw Hill My Math series. Reading Wonders is a comprehensive PreK–6 literacy program, containing research-based print and digital resources. These resources build strong literacy foundations, through access to fiction and nonfiction texts. Grammar and writing skills are also built into the program. The McGraw Hill My Math series stresses higher thinking and reasoning skills through real-world applicable methods. Inspire Science is developed around the 5E (engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate) science framework in which students investigate, problem-solve, argue, and discuss scientific phenomena to make sense of the world from their perspective. All of these programs include an online component for students.