Middle School

Middle School

About The Middle School

Welcome to middle school! There is a lot of growth that happens during these three years, and we just know you’re going to do great! The majority of your classes are held on the middle school hallway where you will be challenged and encouraged to begin discovering just who you are.


Each class is 55-60 minutes long to allow adequate time for teachers to do their jobs effectively. Ensuring that students have the facilities to understand lessons, ask questions, and effectively learn the information being given to them is one of the highlights of Bulloch Academy’s middle school program (6th-8th grade).

STEAM classes include art, music, computer projects, careers, and STEM. Within each grade level, students spend 36 days in each exploratory class during the school year.

Highlights of the middle school curriculum include the hands-on Glencoe iScience Series, All Things Algebra in conjunction with Glencoe Math, and the Sadlier vocabulary workshop series which deals with such complex language arts lessons as analogies, synonyms, and homonyms.

Bulloch Academy Student Handbook & Dress Code

A copy of the most recent BA student handbook can be found HERE along with the MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL DRESS CODE!

Activities & Clubs

At Bulloch Academy there’s something for every student! We offer a wide array of clubs and activities for our students to engage in.

  • Georgia Center for Civic Engagement (CGCE)
  • Math Team
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Dining Services

Bulloch Academy has partnered up with Lexington Independents to provide a fresh, healthy, and innovative dining experience for each student. Lexington is a chef-centric culinary management company that will source seasonal foods from local farms to appeal to all ages!

Rotating menus will feature nutritional information and will be authentically prepared, putting the health and tastes of our students first!