Senior Specifics

Senior Specifics

Senior Specifics

Your senior year…senior privileges, senior pictures, homecoming, prom, senior superlatives, the senior trip, and yes, college applications. There is so much to be done and time is ticking away faster than you could imagine.

Senior Fees

Senior year can be costly! How much should you or your parents put aside for your senior year? These are some the events you may want to begin saving for:

  • Senior portraits
  • SAT/ACT application
  • Yearbook pages to honor the graduate
  • Invitations, note cards, etc.
  • Athletic fees
  • Cap and gown portraits
  • Graduation fees
  • College application fees (about $25-$50 per application)

College Prep Focus

Let’s look at a general timeline of what you should be doing to get ready for college:

Review your personal lists of goals, needs, and abilities for your educational pursuits, and use that list to narrow your college choices down to between three and five prospective institutions.

Gather applications, financial aid information, and deadlines. View important links below:

If you are interested in EARLY ACTION or EARLY DECISION, explore the possibilities of early financial aid estimates and determine the deadlines and the materials needed for the application.

Start completing applications and get ideas formed for essays.

Decide whom to ask for recommendations, ask them now, and schedule their deadlines.

Set up visitation days for your top three college choices and start getting pre-approval for visits.

Dual Enrollment: Is it for you? Make an appointment with the HS counselor to find out!

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