Freshman Specifics

Freshman Specifics

Freshman Specifics

Welcome to high school! Things are just a little bit different down on the “high-school hall.” Classes are shorter than what you’re used to and the pace is quicker. You’re growing up and you have to learn to pick up the pace, but things aren’t all bad. You have more choices regarding clubs and varsity sports you can participate in, and the teachers are different but still pretty cool. One important thing to remember is that every grade you make from here on goes on something called your “High School Transcript” and that is what helps determine where you can or can’t go to college…

College Prep Focus

Get ahead with this College Planning Calendar for Freshmen and Sophomores!

Here’s the plan…

Familiarize yourself with college admission requirements.

SAT or ACT? If you have any intention of attending a college or university, you must take a college placement exam. Colleges and universities use placement exams such as the SAT or the ACT in addition to courses taken and grades to determine admission. Students are strongly encouraged to take one of these tests during their sophomore and junior years. Most sophomores take an exam in either May or June but some will be taking them earlier (January or March), so make sure you’re preparing appropriately for next year. Some colleges require one or more achievement tests as a part of their entrance requirements. Your results are directly related to your course preparation. Practice tests are available online. Please take advantage of the opportunity to use these tests to enhance your scores.

HOPE & Zell Scholarship

Only grades earned in core-curriculum high school subjects (16 units)

Hope and Zell Miller Scholarship Requirements can be found here.

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