Why BA

Founded on Christian Values

Challenging, Teaching, and Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Intellectual Engagement and Energy
Bulloch Academy’s carefully planned curriculum engages students and their teachers in an intellectual exploration that makes school exciting and creates a warm, welcoming environment for students who love to learn.

Faculty Who Support and Challenge
Bulloch Academy’s devoted faculty know, support, and believe in each of their students, and strive to provide them the gift of high expectations and passionate instruction.

The Freedom to Flourish
Bulloch Academy offers many opportunities for growth within a loving and caring environment. As a result, students find the freedom and focus to perform to the full extent of their abilities.

Independence and Integrity
A Bulloch Academy education provides each student with the competence and confidence to succeed in whatever pursuit they may choose, while promoting kindness and conscience.

The Skills to Think and to Express Ideas Extraordinarily Well
At BA, students learn to think with agility, and to speak and write with exceptional fluency, power, and precision.

Unity, Teamwork, and Friendships that Last for Life
With all three divisions of the school located on one campus, Bulloch Academy offers a diverse community in which students learn vital skills of collaboration while forming friendships that will sustain them throughout their lives.

Bulloch Academy at a Glance…

The area’s premier educational institution
We are proud to hold dual accreditation from the SACS & SAIS, as well as accreditation “with quality” by the Georgia Accrediting Commission. All faculty members are fully certified or in the process of receiving certification through the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. We hold tightly onto our core Christian beliefs and principles, while also promoting an enriching environment where students can thrive in both academics and social development.

Christian Values

Our students in grades K-12th grade participate in CLP (Christian Learning Program) once a month. Local churches, speakers, and alumni come to share a message with our students. We begin each day with a morning prayer and teachers also have the opportunity to do daily devotionals with their students.

College Preparatory Curriculum

  • Seven Advanced Placement (AP) courses
  • Dual enrollment program with GSU, OTC, and EGSC for juniors and seniors
  • STEAM (STEM, computer, art, music, physical education, Spanish) for all lower-school classes
  • Fine arts program includes music, art, and drama
  • Science laboratories for Upper and Middle Schools
  • SMARTboards in all classrooms
  • Three computer laboratories (Lower, Upper/Middle, Media Center)

Exceptional athletic and co-curricular programs

  • GISA AAA classification
  • 32 varsity and middle school teams
  • 6 elementary teams (wrestling, football, cheerleading, archery, basketball, and soccer)
  • Archery for elementary, middle, and high school
  • Competitive shooting (skeet, trap, and sporting clays)
  • Multi-purpose building for wrestling, cheerleading, and physical education classes
  • Tennis courts
  • Weight-room and baseball field expansion
  • Projections for a new auxiliary gym for school-wide use

Small-school atmosphere

  • Students in the lower, middle, and upper schools interact frequently, which fosters a family atmosphere among all students and faculty members.
  • International Student Program to promote global diversity
  • School-wide mentoring programs
  • School-wide assemblies and pep rallies
  • Parent volunteerism encouraged
  • Class musical programs

Belief Statements of Bulloch Academy

Challenging students to demonstrate an understanding of essential knowledge and skills as well as being actively involved in problem-solving and producing quality work is our key focus.

Challenging students to become confident, self-directed, lifelong learners can best be achieved by creating high expectations for excellence in learning.

Teaching to students’ unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs is the chief priority and primary focus of all decisions impacting our school.

Teaching a challenging curriculum and providing a variety of supportive instructional approaches and activities allows for the flourishment of different learning styles.

Nurturing their emotional and intellectual needs helps students develop positive relationships and mutual respect among all members of our school community.

Nurturing student involvement within the community, and community involvement within our school, provides a collaborative support system that extends beyond the classroom.