Cornerstone Campaign


Over the past 12 months, the Board of Trustees has provided information regarding our 30 Year Master Land-Use & Building Plan, a General Phasing Plan, and the implementation of a Feasibility Study.  After the General Phasing of the Master Plan was approved, and after engaging the services of Miracle Strategies, Marie Wall, Ruthie Crider, and Mike Anderson of the Board of Trustees began a Feasibility Study in order to determine if a Capital Campaign was feasible at this point in time to begin the implementation of the initial Phase of the Master Plan.

Thanks to the generosity and enthusiasm of the individuals and families with whom Marie, Ruthie, and Mike initially met, the Board of Trustees voted in December 2017  to proceed with a Capital Campaign. Thus, The Cornerstone Campaign has now begun in earnest. For questions or ways to give to the Cornerstone Campaign, please contact Frank Hook at (912)764-6297 or email [email protected]

To make a donation to the future of Bulloch Academy through the Cornerstone Campaign,  please click the link below.

As mentioned in the past, the 30 Year Master Plan consists of two (2) general and broad Phases, with the first Phase being dedicated to Academics, Technology, Arts, and a new Kitchen/Cafetorium and the second

Phase addressing Athletic Fields.  However, also as mentioned in previous announcements regarding this process, Phase I does consist of a new Auxiliary Gymnasium that will be used by all students from K4-12. As we all know, our current Gym is greatly over-used and over-booked, with our Varsity Teams sometimes having to sacrifice practice time to allow our younger Gators access to our Gym.

The basis of including an Athletic Facility in Phase I of our Capital Improvements is the fact that Bulloch Academy has received a designated donation that will cover the complete cost of a new Auxiliary Gymnasium.  We are all beyond grateful for this generous donation that will address an immediate, albeit longstanding, need that will serve all of our current and future Gators.

Therefore, in the coming weeks or months, given that it is fully funded by a designated donation, you will see work begin on the new Auxiliary Gymnasium which will be the initial capital improvement (Part I) of The Cornerstone Campaign.  Indeed, surveying work on the Auxiliary Gym site was done over Spring Break so as not to interfere with School activities. It is our hope and goal to have the majority of work done on the Auxiliary Gymnasium over the summer months while the campus is less “active.”  We fully expect that the Auxiliary Gymnasium will be in place for the majority of the upcoming School Year.

Regarding the Academic Building that will house Administration, Technology/Media, and a Cafetorium (Arts), and regarding the renovations to current facilities to augment and improve our classrooms, between Pledges, monies already collected for this purpose, and other financial resources, it is our expectation that our children will be able to experience these new improvements within the next two (2) school years.

With our acceptance rates at Georgia’ flagship institutions of higher learning being extremely high; with our graduates having so many options in attending colleges and universities of their choosing;  with our children being on one campus and being a part of one family; with our children having opportunities to participate in such a variety of extracurricular events and athletics; and knowing that when your child arrives on campus, (s)he will be known, cared for, and taught by the teachers, coaches and administrators; it is clear that all of the efforts of everyone in our BA Family is an investment in our greatest prize and asset – our children and our future.

If you have any questions regarding the Capital Campaign, the Phasing, and/or the Building Plan, please contact a Trustee or Leisa Houghton, and we will be happy to answer your questions.  Thank you for your continued support of the BA Family.