Athletic Forms

As you are well aware, all athletic competitions and practices at the middle school level and the high school level have indefinitely been suspended at Bulloch Academy and across the state. At this point we are still in a holding pattern regarding a return to normal practices, training and competitive activities.  However, with this said, one thing that can be done and will be required by all Gator athletes before returning to play is the completion of the required forms and the pre-participation physical exam.  All Gators will be required to complete this paperwork before being allowed to practice, train, run and/or lift weights.Required Forms:Bulloch Academy requires four forms for participation.  Each of these forms are valid for one calendar year from June 1, 2020 through May 31, 2021.

1) Parental Permission Form – Sign and return to the athletic office.

2) Insurance Form – Complete all insurance information and return to the athletic office.

3) Concussion Awareness Form – Sign and return to the athletic office.

4) Heat Protocol Form – This form is for information only and does not have to be returned.

Pre-Participation Physical Exam:

The GISA requires a pre-participation physical exam.  This exam should be completed by a medical doctor of the athlete’s choice.  Physical exams are valid for one calendar year from the date they were issued.  Once completed, please return this exam which gives a doctor’s approval for athletic participation.  NOTE:  The GISA adopted a new form beginning 2020.  Please use the form that is attached.

Returning Forms:

Please return all forms to Mrs. Becky Collins in the athletic office.  Athletes can use the drop box by the main entry to the Upper school to return forms.  Remember it is the responsibility of the athlete to supply all required paperwork.

Once again, we do not know when we will return to normal practice, training and competitive activities; however, we can be ready when that day comes by taking care of our paperwork.  Part of being a champion is being responsible and disciplined.  Turning in your paperwork on time is an example of such responsibility and discipline.

BA Insurance Form

BA Concussion Form

BA Heat Form

BA Permission Form

Pre-participation Physical Evaluation Form