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Middle School

Providing enough time for teachers to do their jobs effectively and students to understand lessons, ask questions and learn is but one of the highlights of Bulloch Academy’s middle school program.


· Language Arts – 60  minutes

· Science and Math – 55 minutes each

· Social Studies and Exploratories (AIM (Critical Thinking Skills Class, Art, Keyboarding, Study Skills) – 50 minutes

· Physical Education – 50 minutes.


· Social Studies and Exploratories (Art, Computer Applicaitions, AIM( Critical thinking class) – 50 minutes each

· Science and Math – 55 minutes each

· Language Arts – 60 minutes

· Physical Education – 50 minutes


· Science and Math – 55 minutes each

· Language Arts – 60 minutes

· Social Studies and Exploratories  – 50 minutes each

· Physical Education – 50 minutes

Exploratory classes include art, computer projects, careers and AIM (critical thinking class). Within each grade level, students spend 36 days in each exploratory class during the school year.

Highlights of the middle school curriculum include the hands-on Merrill Science Series, Glencoe Math and a vocabulary workshop series which deals with such complex language arts lessons as analogies, synonyms and homonyms.