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GOAL Scholarship

The Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program is a state-approved student scholarship organization (SSO) and uses tax-credit contributions to fund partial scholarships for public-school students who desire to attend private schools or for students entering kindergarten. The partial scholarships, which do not exceed 50 percent of a student’s total tuition at Bulloch Academy, are based on family income, household size, demonstrated need and are also available to students who are eligible to enter kindergarten. The program helps the school grow by bringing in new students and families, new resources and also helps stabilize tuition and other fees for existing families.

What students are eligible under the law to receive financial assistance from the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program? 

As the 2008 legislation (House Bill 1133) indicates, eligible students include those who are “Georgia residents enrolled in a Georgia secondary or primary public school or eligible to enroll in a qualified kindergarten or pre-kindergarten program.” At Bulloch Academy, only students entering kindergarten through the ninth grade (first semester) are eligible for the GOAL Scholarship Program.

Will our school modify the school’s admission criteria to accommodate students who would qualify for Georgia GOAL scholarships but not qualify under the current admission criteria at our school?
No. All applicants will be required to have completed our regular application for admission. Acceptance for admission will be based on the current standards and criteria for admission to our school.

How does a family apply for GOAL financial assistance? 
Families who are applying for GOAL first need to register for the upcoming school year by filling out the school’s application for admission and paying the registration fee. At that time, the family needs to indicate to the business office that they wish to apply for GOAL and provide the office with a copy of the first two pages of the most recent year’s federal income tax returns.

When will a family know if they will receive GOAL financial assistance for the upcoming school year?
The funding for the GOAL program at Bulloch Academy comes from BA families and other supporters of the school and the state tax-credit program. Contributions to this program vary. Students who are already GOAL Scholars receive FIRST priority. New GOAL scholarships depend on the amount of contributions and will be awarded in the late Spring or early Summer.

After a recipient student’s first GOAL scholarship year, will he or she automatically receive GOAL funding each subsequent year that they are enrolled at our school? 
GOAL scholarships are awarded for the duration of a student’s enrollment at our school. However, the amount of the GOAL scholarship received in each year is determined annually based on continued financial need, the availability of GOAL funds designated for use at our school, and the student’s compliance with behavioral, academic, and covenant standards.

For more information or to apply, please contact Morgan Conner at mconner@bullochacademy.com or 912-764-0707.