Things Have Changed: If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit Bulloch Academy in the last 10 years or so, you might not know the place. Below are just a few of the changes that have taken place.

  • New upper-school, middle-school science laboratory
  • New upper-school technology lab
  • New lower-school technology lab
  • Classrooms dedicated to art and music education
  • Six-classroom kindergarten building
  • New kindergarten , elementary playgrounds
  • New softball, JV baseball field
  • New media center
  • Cafeteria/kitchen expansion with new stage
  • Computers in every classroom
  • New computers in lower-and-middle school technology lab
  • New entrance/exit to campus
  • Canopies and walkways that connect the schools and the gymnasium
  • Beautifully landscapped courtyard between the upper and lower schools
  • New six-goal gymnasium with hardwood floor
  • Athletic Fieldhouse and weightroom
  • Concession stand/cook house for football/soccer/track complex
  • Construction of a new softball/JV baseball field
  • Refurbished football/soccer/track complex
  • Refurbished baseball complex

– Wrestling, Cheerleading Facility

Over 550 students attend the Academy in grades K4 through 12.


Commemorate your place in BA’s History: Bulloch Academy is offering alumni and alumni parents the opportunity to commemorate their place in the school’s history.

Engraved paving stones are being offered as a way to permanently memorialize their support of the school. The granite stones are one-foot square with either two-inch or one-inch engraving, which is outlined in green. Over 70 stones were ordered and lain down around the flag pole in the school’s courtyard.

For two-inch tall letters, there are three lines of text with a maximum of eight characters and spaces per line. For one-inch tall letters, there are four lines of text with a maximum of 15 characters and spaces per line. The cost for each stone is $125.