2021-2022 Tuition

Grades Kindergarten-5th

  • Annual tuition (one child): $7800
    • Monthly payment (12 months): $650
  • Annual tuition (additional children): $6876
    • Monthly payment (12 months): $573

Grades 6th-12th

  • Annual tuition (one child): $8556
    • Monthly payment (12 months): $713
  • Annual tuition (additional children): $7524
    • Monthly payment (12 months): $627

Fees included in annual tuition are activities, technology, and textbooks.

For convenience only, the monthly payment plan is shown. The first payment is to be made by June 1, 2021, and is paid monthly with the final payment being made May 1, 2022. Other approved plans are available such as a single payment plan or a two-payment plan. Contact the Business Office for more information.

Registration fees for grades K-12: $450 for both returning students and new students. ($350 during the month of February for returning students). All registration fees are due at the time of registration, and all are non-refundable.

Registration fees for kindergarten waiting list: $900 with $450 of this amount being applied to tuition. Due when registering. Non-refundable.

Trustees’ Fundraiser: $500 ticket per family for five lottery-style drawings for $1,000 each. Ticket to be mailed in June 2021.

Tuition Discount: Four percent (4%) discount on tuition when paid in full by June 1, 2021.

Recruitment Credit (current families only): Currently-enrolled families are eligible for a $300 credit when a new family enrolls AND indicates on the enrollment contract that the decision to enroll was primarily influenced by a current BA family. This recruitment credit may be applied to their tuition.

Families who enroll after July 1st will be on an adjusted payment plan that will be given to them by the Business Office after registration. The tuition payment shown above is calculated for students who are registered by July 1st.  

International Students

All international students are charged an Administrative Fee of $700. This fee covers assistance in getting an Educational Visa, SEVIS certification fees, I-20 processing, virtual interviews, and learning support.

Families With More Than One Child

For families with multiple children attending Bulloch Academy, we offer full tuition for the child in the highest grade level and a discount off of the full tuition for additional children. Families with four (4) children receive a 15 percent tuition discount off all additional children. Families with five (5) children receive a 20 percent discount off all additional children.

Registration Procedures

Enrollment contracts will be issued for all students.

Early registration begins in February 2022. Current families will have first priority in registering their children until the end of the month and will pay a reduced registration fee of $350. The fee increases to $450 if received AFTER February 28, 2022.

Click HERE to download the BA Family Enrollment Contract.

Extended Day Care

Extended day care is provided from 3-6 p.m. for children in grades K-4 through fifth who are enrolled at the school. On school days, the charge is $75 per week per child or $10 per hour per child and $1 per minute for every minute AFTER 6 p.m.

The rate for drop-ins (those who occasionally use extended daycare) is $10 per hour. Parents must indicate regular or drop-in status on their child’s enrollment form.