30 Year Master Land Use and Building Plan

For over forty years, the vision of Bulloch Academy’s Founders has served our school and community very well.  Bulloch Academy has consistently produced young men and women who have been leaders in their communities and professions.  This success can be attributed to the tireless hours of our administrators, teachers, coaches, and parents all working together to challenge, nurture, and teach tomorrow’s leaders today.

Now, as a result of the consistent growth of our BA Family over the past several years, and in conjunction with our most recent SACS/SAIS Accreditation Process, after more than two years of study and work, the Board of Trustees has adopted a 30 Year Master Land Use and Building Plan that will help our Family to continue to grow and serve our community as Bulloch County’s premier educational institution that serves grades K4-12 all on one campus.

Regarding the growth of BA, we began the 2011-2012 Academic Year with 464 students in grades K4-12.  As we prepare to welcome families for the 2017-2018 Academic Year, we will have our largest enrollment ever with 590 students on our campus.  This record enrollment exceeds our previous record enrollment that was set last Academic Year.

As you review the Plan, please understand that it is intended to guide Bulloch Academy in its growth over an extended period of time.  In order to establish a Campus Standard, the school will be guided by this Plan in order to ensure that any and all capital improvements (short term and long term) are made with an overall objective to meet the academic needs of our students, while supplying each student and family with quality facilities to meet those needs along with their extracurricular needs.  As you know, Bulloch Academy’s goal is to develop children in all aspects of their lives, from academics to arts to athletics to spiritual.  The Master Plan is devised to assist in achieving that goal by providing the most welcoming and safe environment for your children to develop.  

In the coming months, the Board of Trustees will be presenting the Phasing Plan for the Master Plan, with the first capital improvements contained on the Master Plan being dedicated to adding more classrooms for our burgeoning student body along with facilities for the necessary administrative, technology, media services, and cafeteria needs that accompany that growth.  Please check the website regularly for any updates so that you will be aware of our Family’s progress and growth.  

Click Here to Download the Bulloch Academy Master Land Rendering